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Lunar Practices, B09k, China

Nuit Blanche, Le Bal, Paris

90 seconds to midnight, Non-Étoile, Montreuil


A feature, not a bug, Fonds de Dotation Weiss, Paris

Sur l’envers, Orange Rouge, Paris

Fictions Instables, UBB Central, Cluj, Romania

Host, Voyages à Nantes, Nantes




You wouldn’t believe, 2024
inkjet print on canvas

[Infos]You wouldn’t believe, would you, you would, not, you would believe if, you wouldn’t believe what, or maybe, you believe, don’t you not ? Please do.

Titled Objects, 2024
UV resin, recycled materials

Take Shelter, 2024
Ants colony, plexiglass, 3D printings

Indistinct Chatter, 2024
HD video, 5min, ST

Prequel, 2024
HD Video, ST, 9min

Je deviens, 2023
LED panel, script python, variable dimensions

[Infos](I become) is an ongoing collection of hundreds of video titles found on social networks containing the two words I and become

Pile je gagne, Face tu perds, 2023
vidéo HD, 1’43’’ loop, two laptop computers

Les Indésirables, 2023
Laser printer, A4 paper, Javascript

[Infos]You can find online several lists of words or expressions to avoid in emails or your message could end up in the spam box.
This installation present a printer that spill out every 10 minutes a random haiku using a compilation of these blacklist. A simple program choose 3 lines and then compose a short poem. The printed poems then accumlates on the exhibition floor.
The program runs online @ http://olivierbemer.com/spam/

Mug Phenomena, 2022
HD video, 3D printed mugs, 12’02’’, 16:9, ST, 3D animation, fiverr.com

[Infos]A first mug is scanned in three dimensions in order to make a digital copy which will then be printed in 3D. Like photocopies, this operation is thus repeated until the original shape is exhausted. A sort of reversed archaeology in which the digital iteration degrades its subject as much as it declines it.
The physical copies are then presented as sculptures along with an animated video made with the digital copies. Talking characters are placed on the mugs, trying to convince that their mug is more valuable than the previous one. Each reproduction seeks to individualize itself artificially as the form loses the link to its utility.

Noon, 2021
HD Film, 15’00’’, 4:3, Binaural Mix, Blender 3D,Frosted plexiglass, 165x124cm, Halyard, Various knots
Production Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains

[Infos]In a room of fictions we are welcomed by a man without a past. As he passes through gradients of artificial light, our avatar discovers his shadow. When the symmetry breaks, a grayscale duel ensues, where rationality overexposes while fear darkens.

In NOON, shadow and light assume an allegorical form. An obsessive desire to eliminate shadows in favor of light reflects the mirage of progress through technology; rationalizing one's environment by erasing any trace of doubt and indeterminacy. This sequence shot in first person view plunges us into a technological timeline in which our avatar sees his identity slipping away from him as he tries to illuminate its various representations.

FOMO, 2021,
Androids Phones, Flexible supports, Php code, Twitter API
Curator Yue Yuan

[Infos] "On January 31st, there will be 7 days left to see the exhibition. On February 1st, there will be 6 days left to see the exhibition. On February 2nd, there will be 5 days left to see the exhibition. On February 3rd, there will be 4 days left to see the exhibition. On February 4th, there will be 3 days left to see the exhibition. On February 5th, there will be 2 days left to see the exhibition. On February 6th, there will be 1 days left to see the exhibition."

10:10, 2020
Film 4K, 19’00'', 65inch TV, Swiss Balls, Audio Headphones
Production Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains

[Infos]It's ten past ten and time stands still on the watches in advertisements. A brand logo proudly appears in the center of the V formed by the two hands. The consensus hour. Here time drags on and then starts again. A succession of extraordinarily vain events is in progress. The protagonists don’t worry too much, the path seems to be clearly indicated. Their gestures slide and repeat across the surface of the screen. The set takes some initiatives but no one really pays any attention. So the story has many false starts, nothing happens and the real stutters and stammers. The vessels overflow but no longer communicate.

10¢ collective attempts, 2019
Sound Installation, ∞ loop, Raspberry Pi, Python Coding, laser prints, plexiglas supports

[Infos]10¢ collective attempts is a sound installation simulating randomly and continuously 3 sound-interactions normally coming from a group of people. Laughter, applause, and a mantra.
Each interaction is made up of 100 recordings made by 100 different individuals, paid $0.10 on the Amazon Mechanical Turk website, a platform launched by amazon.com in 2005 to hire remotely located "crowdworkers" to perform discrete on-demand tasks that computers are currently unable to do.
The recordings are then broadcast simultaneously but randomly to simulate a group recording. A diffusion which by its cohabitation of different rhythms and sound textures testifies to a break-up of the participants, and the impossibility of gathering.
A report of each financial transaction is displayed on a A4 laser-printed piece of paper, hanged on a clipboard below each speaker.

Watch a video example here / Listen to audio samples here.

Playtime (suggested title), 2019
HD, 11'28'', 16:9, ST, Ikea Vittsjö tables, screenprinting

[Infos] John asks George and George answers him. From suggestions to suggestions John enters a virtuous marketing circle. A story without an end. This scenario was based on real patents for new techniques and advertising technologies to aim and target consumers more precisely, that you can find online. A selection of diagrams extracted from those patents are screen-printed on Ikea furnitures that are also present in the film. the Ikea tables are presented together with the film.

Caption Art Bot, 2019
Collection of 356 images, 1 image per day, Tablet, diaporama
Complete collection here

[Infos]A work of Art was submited every day to Microsoft's artificial stupidity Caption Bot during the course of 2019. The results were published every day on Instagram.

Alice & John, 2017
Film HD, 5’24'', 16:9, ST, Tablets, loop

[Infos]Alice & John is a conversation between Alice, an Artificial intelligence to chat with people online, and John Lennon. The conversation is made of Alice's answers to each sentence of Lennon famous song; 'Imagine'. Then starts a dialogue of the deaf between an out of date anthem of hope, and the arrogants answers of a blond and anorexic chatbot, dancing on a smartphone displaying John Lennon and Yoko Ono's videoclip from 1971.

What's left to be seen, 2016
HD, 23'03'', 16:9, ST

[Infos]Travel is the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations, you may understand the word « distant » in a broader sense. It can be one way or a round trip, as long as you remember where you began. Travel can also include relatively short stays between successive movements. Navigation is the process of monitoring and controlling any movement from one place to another. Navigation, in a broader sense, can refer to any skill or study that involves the determination of position and direction. wether it’s land navigation, marine navigation, aeronautic navigation, space navigation, or somewhere else. Time is exhausted, space is mapped, and we have the gift of ubiquity. Landscapes or wallpaper ? We are spectators of our own representations, we move from one paradox to another and we take pictures of other pictures. "in real life" is a vague idea. Representation and experience are two porous notions.
Watch it here

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