Alice & John
2017, 5"24
Alice & John is a conversation between Alice, an Artificial intelligence to chat with people online, and John Lennon. The conversation is made of Alice's answers to each sentence of Lennon famous song; 'Imagine'. Then starts a dialogue of the deaf between an out of date anthem of hope, and the arrogants answers of a blond and anorexic chatbot, dancing on a smartphone displaying John Lennon and Yoko Ono's videoclip from 1971.
Live 002, 15.10.2017 @ Les Grands Voisins, Paris. (click above ⤴ )
Live 001, 07.07.2017 @ Les Petites Serres, Paris. (click above ⤴ )
Live ###
2017 – ongoing, performance cycle, ↺.

A performance composed of live video streams and pattern recognition systems, human or not, among the public or elsewhere. Those detections become the sound material of a music made of randomnes and improvisations.
Tesla model S
2016, projection on a car hood, 8"33 ∞
This video depicts the story of Joshua Brown who died in the first self-driving accident while testing the limits of his Tesla. Few months before the accidents he posted a video of his car saving his life that went viral.
What's left to be seen
2015, 23"01
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2013, ≅ 5"

Browser based animation, Click on the picture above.
Video replay